Samsung S22 Ultra 5G screen with frame U.S. model is different from EU F

Have you found that the S22 Ultra LCD screen you bought does not match the phone you need to repair?

As you know, there are many different versions of the same phone from Samsung, usually their charging port flex are not universal.

This time, our technicians found that their LCD screens are also different, the model is the S22 Ultra 5G.

S22 Ultra 5G U.S. S908U/U1

S22 Ultra 5G EU S908F/DS

S908U have reserved two screw holes for installing the 5G antenna, but S908F no have the holes, so if you bought the S908F screen for replace S908U, it will not be succeed.

Buy the correct model: S22 Ultra 5G U.S. S908U/U1 screen with frame

S908U S908F different

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