Why Brotechno?
Brotechno is a leading wholesaler of spare parts and accessories for cellphone:
Engaged in mobile phone industry more than 10 years with three factory in Shenzhen.
Our products ranges are LCD screen, touch digitizer, battery, flex cables, inner parts, charger, cases.

Brotechno deeply know QUALITY is the most important factor of doing long term business!
Quality is what we firstly emphasize.
Most of our time is spent in inspecting, checking, testing and re-testing products.
In order to make the parts qualified,we always doing below:

  1. Checking the surface to avoid any physical damage or scratches.
  2. Testing the products with a real motherboard to see whether they are compatible with phones.
  3. Testing the LCD Screen & Digitizer strictly under different pictures to see whether there are any dead pixels,dust or spots.
  4. Both human and machine will test the LCD or touch screen for second time to make sure the product is qualified.

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